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Twig's Beverage Inc.
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Our Mission

As a company built on strong relationships with our employees and vendors, Twig's Beverage strives to provide the finest quality products and services while remaining responsible to the community,environment, and all other stakeholders.

Sotea on Fox 11

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Win A Scholarship!

Win a $300 scholarship from Sun Drop University and Twig's Beverage!

Sun Drop University will be offering three scholarships to incoming College Freshman for the months of June, July, and August worth $300 each. 

What do you need to do to apply? Fill out the information below by filling out a comment submission.

RULES: Once an application is received, it will be put in a drawing to be picked randomly at the end of the month. Only high school seniors or incoming college freshman can apply. There can only be one winner per household. All information listed below must be answered.

Fill out the following information on the comment page on this website:

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New Look! New Flavors! Bring On The Summer With SOTEA!!

Vintage Metal Sun Drop Signs

New Vintage Sun Drop Metal Signs! Eventually there will be a set of four. Collect them all! $30.00

Twig's Beverage: Shawano County's Manufacturer of the Year 2013

A BIG THANKS to all of our customers, employees, and general supporters that made receiving this award possible. It is a privilege to be able to serve you! Each and everyone of you keeps us encouraged and motivated to continue the journey of providing you with great tasting products.

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Green Tinted Sun Drop Pints

NEW Green Tinted Sun Drop Pint Glasses in Now!

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Add Some Sun to Your Holidays with Sun Drop! New TV commercials!

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Check out our new commercial featuring Mad Dog and Merrill! 

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August 2013 Prize Package Winner

Congratulations to Vicki Jisa for winning the August Prize Package! She won an umbrella, a hat, a t-shirt, a cooler with built in speakers and mp3 player hook up, a Sun Drop bank, and a 12 pack of Sun Drop of her choice!

Mixing Our First Batch In The Museum


Sun Drop Cooking Recipes! Click Here!

Sun Drop Pints Available

Pint Aluminum Sun Drop is flying off the shelves!!! We're selling them at Twig's for $18 a case or 2 Pints for $3. Limited Time ONLY. They will not be available after this summer. Get yours TODAY!!!

July 2013 Summer Prize Package Winner

Congratulations to Patricia Kristof for winning the July Prize Package! She won an umbrella, a hat, a t-shirt, a cooler with built in speakers and mp3 player hook up, a Sun Drop bank, and a 12 pack of Sun Drop of her choice!
June 2013 Summer Prize Pack Winner

June 2013 Summer Prize Pack Winner

Congratulations to Betsy for winning the June Prize Package! She won an umbrella, a hat, a t-shirt, a cooler with built in speakers and mp3 player hook up, a Sun Drop bank, and a 12 pack of Sun Drop of her choice!

We Do Custom Label Water!

Do you have a special event coming up? Make it more unique and memorable with custom labeled water! Give us a call and we can make it happen for you!

The Troops Keeping Cool with Sun Drop Supplied by Twig's

New Sun Drop Product

It's NEW, It's GREEN, It's DELICIOUS. It's....an Aluminum Pint Sun Drop Bottle! Coming Soon to stores near you....

Maggie Towels

New Maggie Beach Towels In NOW!!!

Check out these awesome new towels that come in Orange or Green. These will make you the coolest person on the beach this upcoming summer! This is how you DROP it!!!

Come pick them up at Twig's Beverage in Shawano, WI. Starting at $35.00
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See Twig's In a Fox 11 Special Report!!!

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New Camo Hats

Sun Drop Camo Hat
For all you Outdoor Enthusiasts out there, our new Camo Hats are now available. Only $18.00!!!

New T-Shirts!!!!

New Sun Drop T-Shirt
Our latest Sun Drop T-Shirts are in with a cool and new design! Only $18.00!!! Sizes range from Small to XXXL

Sun Drop Summer Prize Winner : June

Congratulations to Sheryl Przybylski from Pulaski, Wisconsin for winning the Sun Drop Summer Prize Package for June! She went home with a Sun Drop inflatable chair, umbrella, hat, t-shirt, drinking glass, and a 12 pack of Sun Drop. There are still two more drawings for the month of July and August.

Sun Drop Summer Prize Package Winner: July

Sun Drop Summer Prize Package Winner for June
Congratulations to Jerry Struck of Appleton, WI for winning the Sun Drop Summer Prize Package drawing. He went home with an inflatable Sun Drop chair, umbrella, glass, hat, t-shirt, and a 12 pack of his favorite Sun Drop. Way to go Jerry!

Our Month Of June Facebook Winner

New Sun Drop Hats Have Arrived! Get Yours Today!

Come visit us at Twig's Beverage and take a look at our new hats. They are only $15.00! Available colors are green, black, yellow, and tan.

Sun-Drop: A Pacesetter

The numbers are in and Sun-Drop has been ranked #6 for the 2011 New Product Pacesetters! Sun-Drop has been named a TOP Food and Beverage New Product Launch of 2011. We owe it all to our loyal customers. We appreciate your support! Go Sun-Drop!

Museum Coming Soon!!!

Museum and Bottling Facility Coming Soon!!!
Twig's Beverage is currently developing a museum and new bottling facility right behind their current location. Stay tuned to make sure you are able to come see the newest addition when it opens!!!

Sun-Drop Merchandise For Sale!!!